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View from a tiny island

View from a tiny island

This year was our 6th annual daddy-daughter backpacking trip and some other dads and I took the girls to Ross Lake in the North Cascades for some canoe camping.

This is the sunrise view from a tiny island we camped on, watching a few other canoers heading out, while looking toward Colonial and Pyramid peaks. There was a lot of smoky haze in the sky. There was also a lot of swimming, rock jumping, and adventuring on this little island.

The North Cascades National Park is one of the most incredible parks in the nation, and much less traveled that areas like Glacier and Yellowstone, part of the reason I love it.

The geologic history of the region is awesome. Over 500,000 acres containing 8,000 foot peaks, over 300 glaciers and just as many lakes, and enough diversity to redefine the term.

Rocks have been dated to 400 million years, with "a geologic mosaic made up of volcanic island arcs, deep ocean sediments, basaltic ocean floor, parts of old continents, submarine fans, and even pieces of the deep subcrustal mantle of the earth." http://geomaps.wr.usgs.gov/parks/noca/nocageol1.html]

It's like every geology Mother Earth had to offer was pulled together in this one landscape. Fossilized sea life has been found on mountain peaks. Mantle from the Earth shot up from miles below the surface to form peaks above the surface. And land masses drifted from around the world to collide in the this concentrated area.

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