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Standing Strong

Standing Strong

On a full moonlit night near Forks, WA, I looked at this incredible seastack and stood back in awe while considering all the geological changes Mother Earth has gone through over the millenia. It reminds me of a story from Plato's Timaeus, where a young Solon travels to Egypt, and meets one of the elder priests.

The priest tells him that the Greeks are like children, their minds never mature, they've forgotten the customs and wisdom of their ancestors. He goes back to 9000 years earlier, when he says the Greeks were a great and mighty people, but as the Earth goes through periods of catastrophic fire and flood, the only survivors are the uncivilized and illiterate who live far from the concentrated populace.

Time and again, our past is lost. Records, customs, knowledge, and wisdom, are forgotten as humanity is rebuilt. However, there is a temple in Egypt, the priest tells Solon, where such records have been preserved for many thousands of years, and our most ancient history is not forgotten.

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