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We had a unique and wonderful experience visiting The Ritman Library in Amsterdam - The Library of Hermetic Philosophy. Esther Ritman gave us a private tour of the treasure room - ancient manuscripts, hundreds of years old, and had Ruby and Naomi search for the smallest and biggest books. Here are the girls with the biggest book, containing secret stories of human existence.

Thought to pre-date Christianity, the discovery of ancient texts by Hermes Trismegistus sparked the Renaissance, but these works were later considered heretical. Even earlier they went into hiding, only to re-emerge over 1000 years later. They have a deep history which extends back through ancient Greece, Egypt, and Alexandria.

After looking through this giant book, Esther took us on a tour of an ancient manuscript with pop-up' illustrations by Jacob Bohme and Dionysus Freher. Moving through the layers of she told the hidden story of Man's oneness with Nature and the Universe, until arriving at the original source of its emanation.

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