Chris Weber - Photography from the Pacific Northwest

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  • Into the woods

    What we see as many living trees is really one, single organism.

  • Beleaf


  • Facing the shadow

    Facing your shadow, under the moonlight.

  • Rainbow Uke

    Up close with a rainbow eucalyptus tree in Hawaii, with a little ICM thrown in for effect.

  • Local of the Enchantments

    To my surprise this lovely mountain goat walked right past me and out on this outcropping of granite shrouded in golden larches, then turned toward me and telepathically said "Here's your shot."

  • Tofino Milky Way

    Tofino is magical all around, and has some of the darkest skies I've seen on the PNW coast. This night I was on the beach mostly alone aside from a bonfire or two, soaking in the silence and mystery and looking out across the whale tail shaped landscape of Chesterman's beach toward Frank island. The waves were glowing, bioluminescense, but I didn't realize it until later, after this photo, and I did manage to get a photo of that too.

  • View from a tiny island

    This year was our 6th annual daddy-daughter backpacking trip and some other dads and I took the girls to Ross Lake in the North Cascades for some canoe camping. This is the sunrise view from a tiny island we camped on, watching a few other canoers heading out, while looking toward Colonial and Pyramid peaks. There was a lot of smoky haze in the sky. There was also a lot of swimming, rock jumping, and adventuring on this little island. The North Cascades National Park is one of the most incredible parks in the nation, and much less traveled that areas like Glacier and Yellowstone, part of the reason I love it. The geologic history of the region is awesome. Over 500,000 acres containing 8,000 foot peaks, over 300 glaciers and just as many lakes, and enough diversity to redefine the term. Rocks have been dated to 400 million years, with "a geologic mosaic made up of volcanic island arcs, deep ocean sediments, basaltic ocean floor, parts of old continents, submarine fans, and even pieces of the deep subcrustal mantle of the earth." [] It's like every geology Mother Earth had to offer was pulled together in this one landscape. Fossilized sea life has been found on mountain peaks. Mantle from the Earth shot up from miles below the surface to form peaks above the surface. And land masses drifted from around the world to collide in the this concentrated area.

  • Cosmic Correspondence

    Self-portrait under the Milky Way from Figure 8 Island. We were looking for ghost crabs after dark when my daughter pointed out the Milky Way above. I decided to capture it the next night, but since there wasn't much foreground, I went for a self-portrait. The light from Wrightsville Beach was leaking in from the right, and wispy clouds were scattered through the sky. This is a single exposure with the Fuji X-T1, 16mm at 2.0, ISO 1250, 20 seconds, and a bit of patience.

  • North Carolina Beach

    Incoming waves on Figure 8 Island. This was in-camera-motion on a tripod, basically a slow and steady turn of the camera during a long exposure. No post-processing effects.

  • North Carolina Beach

    Incoming waves on Figure 8 Island. This was in-camera-motion on a tripod, basically a slow and steady turn of the camera during a long exposure. No post-processing effects.

  • Figure 8 Island

    A summer morning on Figure 8.

  • Lightning from Figure 8

    Mother Nature's display of energy off the coast of Figure 8 Island, North Carolina.

  • Gate to Heaven

    Looking up toward the Gate to Heaven at Siena Cathedral. This magnificent cathedral contains one of the most interesting and mysterious mosaics on the floor of the entryway.

  • UW Night of the Cherry Blossoms

    From March 2015, when the cherry blossoms were 'a blossoming on the UW campus. Night time was the quiet time to be here.

  • Conjunction

    Space Needle and Black Moon last night.

  • Fog on Lake Washington

    A quiet and crowdless day at Magnusson Park. Edited in Silver Efex Pro 2, Fujifilm Neopan ACROS 100, green filter, removed vignette.

  • A waxing gibbous Moon at the end of December.

  • Colchuck Lake

    From halfway up Aasgard Pass, looking down toward Colchuk Lake, an incredible pool of radiant color.

  • Dragontail Peak

    A surreal day near the top of Aasgard pass in the upper Enchantments basin, looking out across Tranquil lake and Isolation lake toward Dragontail peak. This shot is a panorama of 6 vertical shots using a Singh-Ray polarizer and 5-stop ND filter.

  • Late October View from the Enchantments

    My sunrise view from the Enchantment Lakes after the snow and rain moved on. About 8000' feet up, 8 miles in, with the best tent site in town. This shot is a panorama of 3 vertical shots using a Singh-Ray polarizer.

  • Enchantments

    I really loved this scene and want to make this photo more admirable. Here I have gone with a square crop to remove the overexposed sunrise blob, being careful to keep the entire shrub in the bottom right and also the arm off the lake in the right hand side. I wanted to make the colors more vibrant and saturated as well, and turned up the contrast because I felt the original version was a little too washed out and lacking contrast detail.

  • My campsite at Enchantment Lakes

    My campsite in the Enchantments' upper basin.

  • The Enchantments, Crystal Lake

    Looking down a steep drop off toward Crystal Lake in the Enchantments. Fairies live here, and a troll, and a colony of elves.

  • Colchuck Lake

    A good place to stop for lunch, on the way to Aasgard pass, that big saddle ahead, toward the Enchantment Lakes.

  • Sun-kissed Rainier

    Each year my daughter and I go on a backpacking trip together, usually with friends. This was our fifth year, she's now 9. This photo shows the early morning sunrise which went from purple and pink skies to a golden Mount Rainier.

  • Hobuck Beach

    The Northwestern-most tip of the continental US, complete with Puffins, Eagles, Orcas, Fog, and good surf.

  • Manzanita sunset

    There was at least one night like this - Manzanita sunset.

  • Sacred geometry

    Sacred geometry

  • Nothingness

    Nothingness, Oregon coast.

  • Coming back in

    A little fog's not going to stop me from catching some fun waves, in fact it can make the experience interesting in a dreamy sort of way. Manzanita, OR.

  • Into the Fog

    Headed into the fog to surf some uncrowded, glassy waves.

  • Diablo lake

    Diablo lake in the North Cascades. Porkas live here, pygmy Orca whale's stranded thousands of years ago. That peak on the right is Colonial Peak, it used to be 17 miles under the surface of the Earth. This entire area was covered in over 1 mile of glacier just a few thousand years ago.

  • Lower Lewis Falls

    One of my favorite waterfalls. They always amaze me, but this one is different. The location and setting are all around magical, and getting to this perspective requires adventuring off the path and getting wet. In June, the river was flowing pretty good, and getting here took some work. Down a rock wall and across the inner edge of a river bank, Todd and I moved out into the water and found a nice spot to witness the falls. Can you see the face in the falls?

  • Multnomah Falls

    An amazing waterfall, over 600 feet tall between the upper and lower fall. I used the lens' shift to get the whole thing in perspective.

  • Fairy Falls

    Fairy Falls - a lovely little waterfall, I used the 24mm TSE lens' shift to capture the whole thing.

  • Palouse Buttes

    Desolate country roads offer a variety of scenery throughout the Palouse.

  • Palouse Barn

    Sailing the seas of wheat in Eastern Washington.

  • Land Waves

    Another photo from Eastern Washington, an amazing area with rolling hills that look like waves. During this sunset you could see every color of the rainbow in the hills. I could imagine paddling into that center hill like it was a wave and riding a nice long left =)

  • Palouse Wind Farm

    The Pacific Northwest is God's country, so much natural beauty. I saw this spectacular sunset in Eastern Washington. Looking North-West from during sunset, when the sun rays just completely lit up the wind farm and kissed the hillside.

  • Palouse Tree

    This is a scene I really enjoyed but presenting it has been a challenge. I cannot get rid of the halo around the tree although I have made some improvements in this edition by removing some of the rainbow effects. I also changed many aspects to make this more surreal and colorful. It's not an HDR, it's a single exposure, but I did ramp up the shadow detail and clarity to cook things up a bit. I wanted the greens and blues to be dramatic and vibrant in this image version.

  • Crashed Cars

    Deep in the country roads, these old cars have been the subject of target practice and who knows what else.

  • Snake River Train

    Driving through the myriad of empty country roads through the Palouse, I came across a little river oasis and stationery train, with no one around for miles and miles.

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